The Story of Lenin and Emily of The Flying Seeds

Some time ago, in a faraway city high in the Andes, Lenin dreamed of playing his music in a faraway land. Meanwhile, in a tiny apartment in Boston, Emily quietly wrote her songs and dreamed of meeting a musician from far away.

One day Emily was offered a free ticket to hear a traveling Peruvian band at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. Late to the performance, and without her glasses, her ears instantly fell in love with the haunting flute and guitar melodies, played by a hypnotic, talented (and blurry) musician. A week later, Emily heard Lenin play again in Harvard Square. They began to spend time together whenever he was in town, combining Northeast nature songs with melodies and instruments from the mountains  of Peru.

The result of those first several years was “Street Songs and Meadow Music, Volume I,”  a soft, somatic (felt in the body) sound that, when allowed, gives the listener an experience similar to drinking a home brewed, mildly psychotropic beverage that is synched with the pulse of the earth. 

Lenin and Emily are currently living in Midcoast Maine, and are finishing their second album, “Cielo Azul,” (Blue Sky). 

Below is an interview we did with Alcides Delgado on 6/17/17 on the program “Cordillera de los Andes,” on Radio TSF98 in Normandy, France (in Spanish and French):  

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Our 2016 Band One Sheet is here.

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Musician Bios:

LeninLenin Sabino – Songwriter, Singer, Arranger, Multi-instrumentalist, Producer. Lenin plays a variety of string and wind instruments, including: pan flute, quena, quenacho, toyo, charango, ronroco, classical and electric guitar, and bass.  As a songwriter and arranger, he excels at inventing intricate instrumental layers, listening for simple, memorable guitar and flute melodies that flow like water around vocals and rhythmic textures.
Lenin is also a member of the Peruvian band, Yaros, whose songs can be heard on the radio throughout Peru.





EmilyEmily Sabino – Singer, Songwriter. Emily is drawn to message music – sounds and lyrics which remind her of what matters in life. She loves being around plants, healing herbs, trees, water. Her voice has been compared to Karen Carpenter and Lynn Ahren.






GuillermoGuillermo Ortiz – Bass Guitar. Guillermo is a gifted musician, composer, and Guitar & Bass Instructor, and he does it all with an understated elegance. Originally from Mexico City, he received his Bachelors of Music in Jazz Composition and Performance from Berklee College Of Music, and has been teaching and playing professionally in the Boston area for the last ten years.



Joe Musacchia- Drums, Percussion. Joe is a Boston native with excellent grooves, and an extraordinary mind. He recently graduated from New England Conservatory, and is equally comfortable in the field of neuroscience as he is in music. Road trips have become much more interesting with Joe as a fellow traveler – he can tell you the scientific reason why sound and color frequencies operate as they do, why antacids work (in a chemical sense), and most important, he is a fireball on the drums and cajon!





David David Rosado – Electric Guitar. David has been playing classical and electric guitar professionally in the Boston area since the 90’s, and is the owner of Cemi Studios, recording and producing local talent since 2005. In addition to guitar, David also plays the cuatro (a traditional Puerto Rican instrument), which he learned while living in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico as a child.





NahumNahum Corona – Percussion, Drums. Nahum was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and toured around Mexico in several rock bands as a teen. He studied jazz percussion at a local conservatory, and was a sideman for a number of high profile musical acts. In 2005, the Berklee World Scholarship Tour awarded him with a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music. He received several awards while at Berklee, and was selected to be member of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. Nahum’s joyous energy and careful attention to detail are evident in Flying Seeds performances and recordings.





ReneRene Quisbert – Charango. Rene builds and plays charangos professionally in the Boston area. Originally from Bolivia, his strong rhythms and dreamy tones add a mesmerizing, mystical touch to The Flying Seeds.