Sonic Massage

SONIC MASSAGE is a live performance of rhythms and melodies created for expanding perception and connecting to the earth.  During the event, we spend a few minutes talking about the effect of drum beats on brain waves and the heart, and we cover a few best practices. And then we jump right into the rhythms! Participants are free to meditate, invite intuitive insights, feel the pulse of the earth, and/or just absorb the healing sounds of the low-frequency drums and flutes, which results in a relaxing “sonic massage.”  (Note: this is a massage of sound waves; no touch is involved.) 

Benefits of Sonic Massage:

  • Enjoy deep relaxation & frequency-shifting sound massage
  • For those who have difficulty quieting the mind, the rhythms help draw your attention into your body
  • A gentle way to access intuitive insights
  • A healing, heart opening experience with beautiful music

The Flying Seeds set the stage with a unique mix of musical talent and healing power. “Sonic Massage” is a wonderful musical experience that is transformational. The healing vibrations that beat deep from the rhythm of their songs take you on a magical journey, inviting you into the moment, and left this listener weightless. -M.C., Norwell, MA

Sonic Massage (live performance)